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October 30, 2009


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The latest release of Danger from the Deep is 0.3.0, while the simulation is very playable it is also under heavy development and is considered alpha quality but your ideas and suggestions will shape the future of DftD and we would love to here from you even if it’s just to confirm DftD works for you. Please notice that the 0.3.0 is outdated and  a lot of things are added or rewritten in the current svn version. So please post no bug reports for 0.3.0.


To play Dangerdeep you will need to be running a supported Operating System, you will also need:

  • A OpenGL 1.5 Compliant graphics card (OpenGL 2.0 or greater is recommended)
  • A fairly fast CPU, anything from 1.0ghz to 1.5ghz or greater should work
  • 256mb RAM (512mb or more would be much better)
  • The usual suspects; Keyboard, monitor, mouse and some speakers or headphones


The above installers include both the program and the data, these are licensed under the GPL and Creative Commons respectively (see LICENSE for full details). If you do not wish to use the installers then you can download the binaries or source below but you will have to download the data/artwork separately.

Separate distributions


If you are feeling brave and want to compile the latest version from the repository you can get the code and data by running the commands:

svn co https://dangerdeep.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dangerdeep/ dangerdeep

Please notice that the SVN version needs OpenGL 2.0 or higher.

To update the checkout simply make sure you are in the dangerdeep folder and run:

svn update

We use the build system scons, so to compile a debug version try the command:

scons debug=1 datadir=/path/to/cvs/dangerdeep/data

Explanation of the options:

  • debug=1 Makes the build debug (valid values are 0-3)
  • datadir=/path/to/cvs/dangerdeep/data Set this to the path of were you did your SVN checkout otherwise you may encounter issues of the game using either old or non-existent data files and then crashing


The SVN version IS experimental, it may drink your milk, steal your cats or do other unexpected things (it shouldn’t but it might, so just be warned).

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