Danger from the deep

January 24, 2010

Fixed bug that prevented users with Intel graphics to run Danger from the deep

Filed under: Development — mbady @ 11:00

In the last weeks we noticed some users with Intel graphics that had problems to run the latest SVN code on their machine. This was caused by an update of the drivers underlying MESA library.

The problem expressed as a “Shader compile” error in the console as soon as they started Danger from the deep. We now have fixed this bug and users with drivers basing on latest MESA library (maybe all Open Source drivers) should now be able to run Danger from the deep (if their driver/card support the requested features).

If you were affected by this bug please update your SVN working copy and recompile or use the latest builds for Win32(starting with revision 3225!) or our Ubuntu PPA with latest builds.

January 23, 2010

Latest Ubuntu Builds

Filed under: Development — mbady @ 11:26

For Ubuntu Linux users we have created a Launchpad PPA with the latest build of the SVN trunk.

Like the Win32 builds they are totally untested and we expect them to contain bugs (but try them out and let us know how you get on). Please don’t raise bugs on these builds unless they are repeatable and occur across several different hardware/vendor platforms.

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