Danger from the deep

December 19, 2009

Nightly Win32 Builds

Filed under: Development — tx2rx @ 23:20

There are some (almost) nightly Win32 builds available here. The zip file contains everything (binaries and data) and is built from the latest source and data (choose the newest in date order for the latest).

However they are totally untested and we expect them to contain bugs (but try them out and let us know how you get on). Please don’t raise bugs on these builds unless they are repeatable and occur across several different hardware/vendor platforms.

For those people interested, they are being cross-compiled using mingw32-4.3.4 (on a 400mhz x86 box :-) ).

December 5, 2009

RSS feed of SVN change log

Filed under: Development — tx2rx @ 18:33

There’s now an RSS feed of the last 20 commits to SVN available here.

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